The GUIDE is neither a diet book nor an excercise manual. It is something MUCH MORE VALUABLE.

You will feel thinner and happier two weeks into using it. You will see yourself becoming thinner and happier in about a month. You will see and feel the results in only a few months. You'll be thin and happy, and if you continue using the GUIDE, you'll remain so for as long as you wish.

Even though weight management is a thriving billion-dollar industry, more women around the world become overweight every day. Evidently, the "proven" industrial methods don’t work very well, or only work in some cases, or only produce partial results..

Maybe they don’t want you to lose weight at all. Why should they? Year after year, new weight management programs, diets and exercise regimens get on the market. Are they interested in you as a customer? Only if you're overweight.

You don’t need "remedies": you are not sick.

Forget diet books: stop torturing yourself.

Stop counting calories: leave that to the FDA (it is, after all, their job).

The new excercise program you were about to sign up for? Don't worry about it for now.

What you need is a guide. One that's suited to your own (not industrial) tastes, preferences, and purposes.

There is only one person who can help you lose weight: you. There is only one guide that shows you how you can do it: this one.

You are intelligent, strong-willed, and determined enough to do it. You just haven’t figured out how, not yet. Well, now you don’t have to. Not anymore. We have done it for you.

The Guide will show you how the process of getting thin (and happy) can be fun. That's right. Fun.

Believe it or not, you will actually enjoy, not just the results, but the process itself. That’s because you’ll be doing exactly what your body, mind, and spirit actually want to do. You’ll look forward to each new stage. It's easy.

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Some diets begin at $100.00 a day. Gym membership can be pricey, too.

Forget it. This GUIDE will change your life. This is the best investment you'll have made in a while.


Order the Guide for only $44.00! The best investment you'll make this year! (Less than most people pay for dinner these days!) (Free shipping!)

If you have any health problems, take medication and/or have to consult doctors on a regular basis, this guide is NOT for you. The instructions it contains are not medical in any sense or form. Unlike other weight management programs, the program it describes is based on common sense alone. Follow it at your own risk.


"In less than 6 weeks I lost over 20 lbs.! I don't remember feeling hungry at all. I've tried all other diets. They did not work for me.
Lana Bradley, San Francisco, CA

I've been following the Guide's instructions since last February. I am thin now. I'm down about 40 or 50 pounds since I started. I have an unbelievable amount of energy. I hardly ever get tired these days.
Molly Louise Merolo, Philadelphia, PA

There are so many things I can do now. Play tennis, attend parties, go on hiking trips. It's amazing.
Linda Cohen, New York, New York

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